Year Reg Hours Owner Weight (LBS) Engine & Prop Airport/Contact Other Photo Video
1994 N105DR 550 Virginia Jacobson   AEIO-360
Sensenich FP
1995 N213JR 260 Mike Hennessy 967 HIO-360 SER

KMYF Was built by Jack Rosen - N213JR    
1996 G-CEPZ 97 Peter Pengilly 914 Was O-320 & MacCauley metal
Now IO-360-B1B MT FP wood
  Was N863JT by JJ Tomlinson
Was N107TH by Tom Horne
1996 N107DJ 618 Niccolai Murphy 922 IO-360 A&C (Lycon EXP) PV
 Twisted composites carbon 76x65
KRNM 858-705-3892   Yes Yes
1996 N11791   VOSHELL FRANK P   0-320 SERIES        
1996 N137RC 203 Rick Caldwell 1003 IO-360 (angle valve)
wood 3 blade Performance
1996 N23DY 300 MERCER LUTHER Denny 1012 AEIO-360 (Lycon 220hp)
MT two blade CS
Private grass strip close to Raleigh, NC, 919-387-0290      
1996 N3SN   Tom GA 888 IO-360 SER
note FAA says Continental
1996 N954TP   PENNELL TOM A   IO-320 SERIES        
1996 N973D   SHIMER JON R   I0360 SER A&C        
1997 N341LH   MILLER DAVID J   0-360-A1D        
1997 N62790   TIBERT ANDREW E   I0360 SER A&C        
1997 N63071   SANDERS BEN G III   0-360-A1D        
1997 N682HD   MOYE STANLEY J   I0360 SER A&C        
1997 N8KV   LACEY SCOTT M   0-360-A1D        
1998 C-FLIK   Ronald M.B. Smith 1199.998138     Built by William Gibson Berry (deceased, heart attack). Was N113GB.    
1998 N198BD 174 Russell W. Peitz   O-360-A1A Brookline, NH. Built by DAVID WILLIAM J.    
1998 N46AJ   POSSON JOHN L TRUSTEE   AEIO-360 SER        
1998 N95HB   BARR HARRY   I0360 SER        
1998 N981DP   PICKETT DAVID R   I0-360-B1E        
1999 HB-YJM   Max Vogelsang   IO-360-C1B        
1999 N107XR 230 RIHN RICHARD J 984 AEIO-360  PV by Barrett
MT15 CS 
1999 N180FG 190 ROBERTS TODD L 938
Was AEIO-360 & Sensenich
Now IO-360 PV & CS Whirlwind
1999 N515PM   MUHLE PAUL M   AEIO-360 SER        
1999 N981D   PILCHER CARROLL D   I0360 SER        
1999 N991CS   SINGSTAD CHARLES P   I0360 SER A&C        
2000 G-IDII   Colwyn Darlow   LYCOMING IO-360-B4A        
2000 N107HB   COOK RANDY L   0-320 SERIES        
2001 N107BS   WESTERHOLD WAYNE E   I0360 SER A&C        
2001 N107KP   PETERMAN KEITH A   I0360 SER        
2001 N107TJ   KELLEY JOHN   I0360 SER A&C        
2001 N181SD   INMAN GREGORY L   IO-320 SERIES        
2002 C-FLCK   Andrea Kuciak, Scott McMaster, Joe Stubbs   O-360 SERIES   Built by: FRETS GLYNN
Previously N44GF
2002 N44GF   FRETS GLYNN   O-360 SERIES        
2002 N7401D   NOONEY JEFFREY W   I0360 SER        
2002 N921JD 150 ELAM JONATHAN LEE 911 I0-360-B1E
Twisted Composites  FP
2003 N255HR   HUBER ROBERT M   UNKNOWN ENG        
2004 N123TA   ASHCRAFT TODD W   I0360 SER        
2004 N991DC   HANNULA CHARLES R   O-360 SERIES        
2005 G-IIID   David Anthony Kean   O-360-A4N   Built by NEWALL MAN AND NEWALL AJ     
2005 N44FX   RENWICK ANDREW J   I0360 SER        
2005 VH-JLX   John Lee            
2005 VH-RSW   Geoffrey Johnston       Previously owned by Richard Wiltshire    
2006 G-TAZZ   Nick Riddin       Previously owned by Colin John Gow    
2006 VH-EGT   Rainer Huefner            
2007 G-LOAD 30 Michael John Clark 899 IO-360-B1E
Wood Sensenich FP
Won best plans built and concours at the
Dunkeswell LAA Rally 2008
2007 G-RIHN   Phil Burgess   IO-320-H2AD   Previously owner by James Peter Brown Yes  
2007 VH-NBZ     981 Parallel valve O-360
Two blade MT CS prop
  Was G-ONED built by Andrew Bickmore.
Hangared at Bankstown YSBK - Owner tel +61 487 783 347
2007 VH-OND 170 James Courtney 940 O-360-A4A
Sensenish 76M8
Was N199AD and ZU-ONE
2008 G-IIPB   Paul David Baisden   ECI TITAN EXP IOX-340S-A1H2N     Yes  
2008 N751JB   BREEDING JAMES O   IO-360-B1E      
2008 VH-IAC   Peter Pendergast            
2009 N1980   Dell Coller 920 XP-360 with MT prop   First flight March 2009     
2011 N58GH 0 Gary Herem 933 O-360 EXP Sensenich FP KBIL   Yes  
2012 G-CVII   Neil Bigrigg   SUPERIOR XP-IO-360-B1AA3      
2012 N360XX 30 Jeremy Mumford 947 IO-360L2A KUCY Owner builder - Yes  
2012 G-NRMA   Anthony W Brown          
2013 G-RWOD   Robert S Wood            
2009 est VH-XSG 0 David Foord   AEIO-390 w Skydynamics sump, cold air induction, 10:1 pistons, dual EI, Silverhawk FI, WW 200C prop, Dynon D180, custom canopy, Microair Xpder +760. 34 Dutchman Drive
Hallett Cove,
South Australia 5185,
In build Melbourne
0 FRANK DEETH   Rotec R3600 150hp
Plans set # 415, partially completed project imported from the USA. Fuselage frame and tail plane completed and ready to paint, wings almost ready to cover and paint. Investigating the use of a Rotec R3600 150 hp radial engine for power plant.
In build N537JP 0 John Perkins   AEIO360 KLCI     
In build N8DD 0 DAVILA DON F            
UNK DW-SIIS     905 IO-360, metal fixed pitch        
UNK VH-NIL   Greg McConnell or Alan Kilpatrick 870 IO-360 & FP